General Queries (FAQ)
* Who can buy from Paaneri.com ?
a) To be able to shop at Paaneri.com , you should be above 18 years of age and legally allowed, by the laws governing your land, to shop in India.
b) You need to have a valid credit card or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD or American Express) or have a netbanking account with one of the banks enabled on our payment gateway.
c) We currently deliver to over 500 cities across world.

* How do I shop at www.Paaneri.com ?
a) You can visit our How to shop section accessible from the link at the bottom of any page.

* I live outside India, can I order for a delivery in India?
a) Yes, you need to provide an Indian delivery address. To Check whether we deliver to the required pin code click here. You can provide a billing address as a non indian address.

* How can I contact www.Paaneri.com ? Where can I provide feedback about your site?
You can either call us on (009122) 40292929 or 26283733 (9:00 am to 9:00 pm ISD i.e. +5.30 GMT) and speak with our customer service representative or write to us at info@Paaneri.com for any queries about Paaneri.com , or your order. To provide feedback on our website and services please provide your comments on the feedback page.

* How do I manage the emails I receive? Or how do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
a) Based on the choices you have made during various online / offline interactions with us, we would communicate with you periodically for event based communications such as order information, renewal notices, invites, reminders, special offers etc.
b) If you no longer want to receive emails from us, you can select your preferences online in "My Account" section. However, you would continue to receive transaction based e-mails such as order confirmation mail etc.

* How do I best view your site?
a) Our site is compatible for all Windows and Mac operating systems and can be viewed using the latest stable versions of any of the following browsers. The site is optimized for 1024 X 768 resolutions
1. Internet Explorer
2. Mozilla Fire fox
3. Safari

Merchandise related Queries
* Is there any difference between the merchandise sold at Paaneri.com and Paaneri physical stores?
a) Paaneri.com offers the same quality of merchandise as sold in Paaneri stores, and the prices are also typically the same. However, we are currently not offering the complete range of products available in our store, on our website, though we are continually expanding the range. Most of the categories available in the stores.

* What type of products do you sell on-line?
a) We sell apparel, accessories (for Men, Women and Kids)

* Can you arrange for the delivery of a product which is available in our physical store but not available online?
a) We can only deliver products which are featured on the website and available in stock and/or make to order pieces.

* How do I understand which size will fit me? Do you have size charts?
a) All branded products usually have standard sizes, and we provide size information for many brands on our website.

* What are the wash care instructions for the product I have ordered?
a) Wash care instructions wherever applicable can be found on the product details page. This is the page from where you added the product to the shopping bag. Alternately, most garments come with wash care labels.

* I searched, but I can’t find the item which I saw in one of your stores.
It is possible that you may not find an item you saw in the store, since it could have gone out of stock, or it may not be a part of our online range at present.

* Where can I find / search a particular product?
You can directly search for the product you are looking for through the search box provided on every page. Alternatively you can navigate through our site map for categories in which you are most likely to find your desired product.

Payment / Tender related Queries
* How can I make a payment?
a) Currently we only accept VISA & MASTERCARD, or Amercian Express Credit Cards and Debit Cards (if your issuing bank has enabled them for online transaction).

* Do you accept debit cards?
a) Yes (if your issuer bank permits online transactions).

* Do you accept payment through cheque/Demand Draft?
a) No, currently we do not accept payment through cheque/Demand Draft.

* Do you have Cash on Delivery option?
a) No, currently we do not offer cash on delivery facility.

* Is Stop-payment allowed in case I realize my card has been misused or a purchase made fraudulently?
a) You will need to report the incident to your card issuing bank.

* What should I do if my credit/debit card has been compromised when I am trying to make a payment online?
a)We do not store your complete credit card information on our website, and hence this cannot be compromised on our website. If you suspect that your card has been compromised on some other website and has been misused on our website, please immediately report the incident to your card issuing bank Please also refer our privacy policy, which mentions that we do not collect or store your complete credit card information, and this is securely transmitted directly to the Bank’s payment gateway.

* Can I pay in-store for a product bought online?
a) Sorry, as of now we do not offer such facility.

Cancellation / Returns / Refund related Queries
* What happens if an item I have ordered is out of stock?
a) If the item is out of stock when you are trying to add it to your shopping bag, you will be informed immediately and the item won’t get added to the shopping bag.
b) However, if the item goes out of stock after it has been added to your shopping bag but before check out is completed, you will be informed at the time of check out. You would then need to remove it from your bag before proceeding to check out.
c) If an item goes out of stock after you have placed your order and received an order-confirmation, then we will put forward our best attempt to fulfill the order by sourcing the selected item. In the event that we are unable to source it for you, or if it is likely to take longer than 9 days to ship, we will inform you about the delay and cancel the item, and reverse any charges made to your credit / debit card against that item.

* Is there a limit to the quantity that I can order for?
a) No. However, in some cases where the order quantities are large, we may verify in order to ensure your security, to confirm that you have indeed ordered for these items.

* Can I cancel an order or an item?
a) Yes, you can cancel the order fully or partially before it is shipped. However, you cannot cancel your order for the First Citizen Membership or gift vouchers, once placed. To check the status of whether your order has been shipped or not, click on the “Order Status” link at the top of the page, and then on the link to the specific order, which will indicate the shipping status of each item in your order.
b) However, additions to an order, or changes to the item ordered, are not possible.

* Can I change shipping address of the order?
a) You can change the shipping address before your order is billed and shipped by calling Customer Care on (022) 40292929 (9:00 am to 9:00 pm). Or mailing us at info@Paaneri.com

* I want to return a product, how can I do that?
a) You may return merchandise to us in the following ways:
1. Most items are returnable in our stores, to check which items cannot be returned in our stores please call our customer care on (022) 40292929. You may visit Paaneri store, and return the merchandise in unused, saleable condition, along with the original sale invoice, or 2. You may call Paaneri.com customer support care at on (022) 40292929,and request a return or exchange. We will arrange for the merchandise to be collected from the delivery address through courier, and returned to us. We shall process the return subject to receipt of the merchandise at our location in unused condition in its original packaging along with original tags and invoice, failing which return/ exchange / refund may not be possible.
3. For Details please refer our returns policy.

* Can I get warranty/guarantee for the product?
a) If a product has a manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee associated with it, it would be mentioned along with the other product details.

Privacy / Security related Queries
* What is your privacy policy?
a) Please refer our privacy policy.

* I want to opt out of the e-mail list, how can I do so?
a) You can unsubscribe from the e-mail list by making the changes in our profile in the My account section. Alternately, you can click on the unsubscribe option in the e-mail received by you to unsubscribe from that type of e-mail.

* I am concerned about the security aspects related to typing out my credit card number online.
a) Please be assured that we do not receive/ store your complete card details. When you enter the card details you are redirected to the Axis bank (erstwhile UTI Bank) secure payment site. Axis bank exchanges the data provided by you with your card issuing bank through a Secured Socket Layer. Your card issuing bank authorizes or rejects the transaction, based on which we process or reject the order. At no point do we receive / store your card details. Please also refer Secure Shopping.

* Is the information I enter encrypted?
a) Yes we encrypt all credit / debit card or payment information using 128 bit encryption programs.

Shipping related Queries
* Where do you deliver? Or do you deliver to my city?
a) We currently deliver to over 500 cities and towns across world. To check delivery to your locality, check for Pin Codes we deliver to.

* What is your shipping policy?,
a) Please refer our Shipping Policy for details.

* Do you deliver out of India? Do you have plans to deliver out of India?
a) We currently deliver to over 500 cities and towns across world.

* Are there any places/ items for which delivery might take longer?
a) Expected time taken to dispatch the shipment is given against each product on the respective product details page. Typically all Mumbai deliveries are completed within 1-2 days post shipment and outside Mumbai but within India deliveries are completed within 2-4 days post shipment & out side India 5-7 working days. Once we receive your order we make all attempts to deliver within the committed time, however, it might take longer than expected in some far to reach areas, due to poor logistics connectivity.

* What happens if I am out when you deliver?
a) Our shipping company will leave a message and attempt again. We urge you to plan and coordinate the purchase in a manner that someone is available to accept the shipment at the provided delivery address.

* What if only part of my order has arrived?
a) We always strive to ship your entire order at the earliest. In some cases, however, some items may not be ready to ship immediately, and so we may ship a partial order of the items which are ready to ship. The remaining items shall typically be shipped as soon as they become available, but not later than 9 days from your order. If we are unable to ship the item within 9 days from your order, we will automatically cancel the unshipped items and inform you about the same. For more details check order status in the My account section.

* What if my order arrives damaged?
a) If you realize that the package is damaged before accepting the delivery, please do not accept the delivery and immediately inform us as.
b) If you have accepted the delivery, and then realized that the package is damaged, please feel free to get in touch with us within 14 days of receiving the package. With an exception of a few items we have a 14 days return / exchange policy. For details please refer our returns policy.

* Can I place an order for delivery to multiple Addresses?
a) No, currently you will have to place multiple orders for multiple addresses.

* I want to Change my delivery / shipping Address, How can I change it?
a) Yes, you can change your delivery / shipping address, only till such time that we have not billed and shipped your order. You would have to call customer care on (022) 40292929 (9:00 am to 9:00 pm) and request for address change.

* Can you hold my order for few days? (Because I am going out of station.)
a) Please call us at Customer Care to advise us about such exceptions, and we shall try our best to accommodate your instructions.

* What are your shipping charges? Or; Are there any additional charges for delivery?
a) We charge for shipping unless otherwise specified. Our shipping charges vary based on factors such as number of items ordered, type of items ordered and delivery destination. For more details please refer our shipping policy. Please note we do not charge additionally for any Octroi amount levied on the delivery, and so please do not make any payment to the person delivering your order.

* Does your product price include shipping charges?
a) Our prices do not include shipping charges and tax on shipping charges. However, they include product cost and any governmental levies on the product cost e.g. VAT.
b) The shipping charges and service tax on shipping charges is added to your order amount on the billing page, after you have indicated the recipient’s shipping address.

* How do I Track my Order?
a) You can check your order status on our website https://www.Paaneri.com / in the My account section.

* I have placed an order 1 week back, when will I get it? Or, what is the estimated delivery time for an Order?
a) All orders usually ship within 3-5 working days after you place the order. However, sometimes orders get delayed due to stock unavailability. For your specific order, click here to check the status.

* Can you arrange delivery for my order late in the evening?
a) We only deliver during business hours, Monday to Saturday. For more details please refer to our shipping policy.

* Who will pay charges for the return shipment?
a) If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, and wish to return the item as per our Returns Policy through courier pickup arranged by us , you do not have to pay any courier charges for the return shipment.

* What should I do if the Product I ordered has reached me in a damaged/ defective condition?
a) If you realize that the package is damaged before accepting the delivery, please do not accept the delivery and immediately inform us.
b) If you have accepted the delivery, and then realized that the package is damaged, please feel free to get in touch with us within 14 days of receiving the package. With an exception of a few items we have a 14 days return / exchange policy. For details please refer our returns policy. Please refer our shipping policy and returns policy for details.

* What should I do if I get something else instead of what I had ordered? Or I have not ordered what you have sent me.
a) We take great care to deliver exactly what you ordered. However, sometimes orders may get mixed up. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the delivery in case you have been delivered anything other than what you had ordered.

* I live in India/out side India, but I am getting a message that you do not deliver to my PINCODE, how can I order?
a) We are continually working on adding to the list of pincodes we deliver to, Please check with us again in some time. Also, please check the PINCODE you have entered. The pin code should not have any spaces.

* How can I track my order which is in-transit?
You can track the shipment status of your order on the courier website for which the URL and Tracking code are emailed to you after your order is shipped.

* Is gift-wrapping offered as a service? Is it charged?
a) You have the option to indicate in the shopping bag, by checking the ‘gift wrap’ box, if you would like any item to be gift wrapped. We do not charge additionally for gift wrapping. However, please note the gift wrapped item will be packaged inside our regular packaging to ensure that it is not tampered with, or damaged in transit.

Registration related Queries
* Is registration compulsory? Or Do I need to register to be able to shop at Paaneri.com
a) No, you need not register to shop at Paaneri.com . However, if you register you could avail of the benefits of better service, quicker checkout and a host of special privileges.
b) To shop without registering, you just need to click on the “continue as guest’ option on the sign-in/register page during checkout.

* Why should I register? Or what is the benefit of registering? Or Do I need to register to be able to shop at h Paaneri.com
a) No, you need not register to shop at Paaneri.com. However, if you register you could avail of the benefits of better service, quicker checkout and a host of special privileges.

* Are my personal details secured?
a) Please refer our Privacy policy and Secure shopping commitment.

* Is there any charge for registration?
a) No, registration on Paaneri.com is absolutely free.

* Under what circumstances can my registration expire?
a) Usually registrations do not expire. However, if your account is in-active for a fairly long period we may suspend it or de-activate it, in which case, you can contact our Customer Service Representative on (022) 40292929 (9:00 am to 9:00 pm) to activate the account. They will reactivate your account after verification of some details to confirm your identity.

* What are the benefits for registration?
a) As a registered member you enjoy following benefits:
1. Express Checkout - Sign in and proceed to checkout for quick ordering.
2. Order History - Review the details of your Order history and status.
3. Address Book - Create and save addresses of your family & friends for faster check out.
4. Exclusive offers and Fests - participate in exciting promos and festivals and win fabulous gifts only as a First Citizen.

* Can I cancel my registration any time?
a) Yes, you can cancel your registration at your wish. You will need to contact our Customer Service Representative on (022) 40292929 (9:00 am to 9:00 pm) with a request and reason for cancellation and we will do the needful within 15 working days.

* What if I have forgotten my Password?
a) We can help you retrieve your password if you go to forgot password page, and enter your email ID registered with us. We will email instructions to reset your password to the email ID provided.

* How do I change my password?
a) You can change your password in the My account section.

* Can I edit my personal details
a) Yes, most of your personal detail is editable. It can be done in the My account section under edit profile tab.
b) However, you will not be able to modify your Title, Name, Gender, and Date of birth if you have linked your First Citizen membership with the online account.

* What if I have forgotten my Login Id/ Customer Id?
a) You may write to us at info@Paaneri.com with following details (which you provided at the time of sign in:
1. Date of birth
2. First Name
3. Last Name
4. Address provided
5. Past order number of an order placed from your login id, if any

* How can I change my email address? Can I change the email id I used for registration?
a) You can modify your e-mail address in the My account section.

* Is email address mandatory when registering?
a) Yes. Your email ID is the same as your username/login ID, and is therefore required when you create an account on Paaneri.com